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I’m just over 30 but my heart will always shout 17.

I don’t eat bananas, piggies or sheep. Ever. I like things made of paper, cork, leather, and wood. I collect crafting tools, perfume, and head scarves. I often work with my hands; they will tell my story some day. (And I hope it’s a good one). I’m a sucker for exotic or floral scents like frangipani, moonflower, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

I love being outdoors, and am particularly fond of frolicking in forests, on mountains and in the ocean – and not forgetting, flower-filled gardens! I dream of moving to an island or the country side. Paper art, origami, design – anything geometric, bold or colorful – these are just a few of my favourite things.

I’m a dreamer and an eternal optimist, so this cold, fast world tends to knock me down a lot. Nothing I can’t handle, though. I make a lot of mistakes but I make sure to learn from them too. I wish always to be reminded of the simple treasures that fill our broken and beautiful world with wonder. In fact, I totally plan to float through life enrobed in a cloud of naive, child-like delight. To me, the small things really do matter the most.

What else? Aah, yes. I experiment with cooking, painting – reinventing old furniture, mostly – arts & crafts, DIY projects and some other stuff that I can’t really categorize. If it doesn’t scare me half to death, I’ll try doing something at least once. I enjoy documenting all the things I learn along the way – and surprisingly, blogging’s actually turned out to be an efficient way to collate and record memories, inspiration, and ideas.

I also think of this blog as a playground where I can get creative and blabber on about helpful and interesting stuff – it’s a social space to share ideas and creative inspiration.

This Then That is A Dreamer’s Collective. 

Have fun in the play ground and thank you for swinging by!

Ps. I do not get paid to endorse any brands or products. I’ll only ever mention something by name if I think it’s truly worthy. So if I do recommend something specific, it’s just that – a recommendation based on my own personal experience.

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