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I’m a huge Instagram fan. There, I said it. I love taking photos – especially in and around Cape Town.  Aaand since I am (unfortunately) not blessed with the brilliant skills (nor equipped with the fancy-shmancy equipment) required to achieve the crazy-cool effects that a skilled photographer can, it goes without saying that the many filter and photo effect options that Instagram has to offer fills me with tremendous and never-ending delight. (Yeah, I hear all you professionals out there gasping in shock and horror). I can’t count how many hours I’ve spent snapping photos, deliberating over the perfect filter to use or whether I should add a frame or even use a filter at all! Needless to say, the entire process brings me an immense amount of enjoyment and now, I’ve managed to extend the thrilling experience by taking the process just that one step further… *tun tun tuuuuuun*… I’m talking about printing my Instagrams, y’all!

instagram prints

I’m really happy with how my printed Instagram photos (fondly referred to as ‘Instaprints’) turned out, so I figured I’d write a quick step-by-step guide to show all you fellow Instagramers in Cape Town how quick and easy the printing procedure can be. If you have hundreds of Instagram photos, fret not – there’s a really fast way of getting the photos saved to your hard drive. (At first I thought I’d have to send them to my gmail one Instagram photo at a time. Hah, silly me!).

instagram prints

Anyway, on to the nitty-gritty.

Here are 5 simple steps (& tips) for printing out your Instagram photos:

1. Find a reliable place to print your Instagrams. I did a quick google and came across Studio 22 situated in Century City. I went with them because they seemed really professional and were quite helpful when I called. (Also, they had a special offer on their Instaprints – the more you print, the bigger your discount). But do your research and ask around before you make your choice.

2. Get all of your Instagrams downloaded to your hard-drive. Do this first and then you can pick & choose what you want printed from there… it’s so simple this way. Promise. I used Instaport for this – it cleverly downloads and zips your Instagrams to your hard drive in a matter of minutes.  Go to, sign in using your Instagram login details, make your export option selections, click ‘export’, then click ‘download’ and BOOM, your Instagram photos are zipped and saved to your hard drive. It’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous.

3. Go through the Instagram photos and choose the ones you want printed. I just created a new folder titled ‘instagrams for print’ (ingenious, I know) and then popped my favourite photos into that folder, ready for the printer.

4. Send your selection to the printer of your choice. Now I don’t know how your printer will want these image files transferred to them. I’m assuming that they’ll want you to upload it  somewhere so it’s easy for them to just retrieve or download. I had to do this for my printer and it was easy-peezy. No complaints. I was asked to use and it was wicked simple to use. It’s a free service that allows you to transfer your files to someone else. All you need is the intended recipient’s email address. Plus, you can also leave a message for the receiver and that’s where I included my printing instructions.

5. Specify your printing preferences/instructions clearly. You will need to talk to your printer in terms of the size you want your images printed at, what paper stock you want it printed on, and of course confirm the quantities and the total cost before giving them the final go-ahead. I printed 50 photos on matte paper and in terms of size, went with 100mmX100mm for all of them. I just have to say that I was really impressed with the quality of the photos and the turnaround time – I sent my image files through to Studio 22 at 1pm and by 4pm that same day, they were printed. I paid a little extra to have them delivered to me and the delivery guy came around to my place the very next day. Overall, I was really happy with the service and would definitely use them again.

And that’s it, folks! Hope that helps. If you’ve printed your own Instagrams, I’d love to hear about your own experiences and which printer you’re using. It’s always good to compare prices and service since I’m always keen to find the best deal around town 😉

instagram printsinstagram post 3instagram printsinstagram prints

 instagram prints

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