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Cosmic Girl by thisthenthat

A short while ago, I started experimenting with double exposures; this is where you layer two photos and create a semi-translucent effect so that the photo sitting underneath is visible. The above is an example of one of my attempts, although admittedly, the effect is rather on the subtle side.

The underlying photograph is one I took of beautiful bougainvillea growing on a friend’s farm. The overlying photograph was taken at Fish Hoek beach here in Cape Town and features one of my adorable nieces playing in the ocean.

I’m a huge fan of nature photography, so I’ll continue to practice the double exposure effect using some of the amateur nature-themed photographs I’ve taken over the years.

If you guys have any favourite double exposure images floating around the interwebs, feel free to share the links at the bottom of this post – I would love to ogle them <3

Happy photo editing, fellow creative doers!


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