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Pink Litchi & Sesame Ice Lollies

Pink Litchi & Sesame Suckers

25 faithful years. That’s how long I’ve been nurturing my little love affair with litchis. Or Lychees, as some people say. Potato, …

Fresh Cherry Sorbet Popsicles

Fresh Cherry Suckers

  If you grew up in Cape Town and lived near a corner shop, then you must’ve seen or eaten a Jelly …

peaches and coconut cream ice lollies

Peaches & ‘Cream’ Suckers

    After concocting (and ferociously devouring) that first batch of Summer Berry Sorbet Suckers I made the other day, it was …

Summer Berry Suckers

Summer Berry Sorbet Suckers

Weekly braai’s. Whiffs of coco-nutty lotion. Streaky sunscreen. Tangled hair. Sticky skin. And, of course, ice cream! Summer 2013 has arrived, good people! Oh, how I …

coconut whipped cream aerial shot

whipped coconut cream cake topping

This is (I think) my favourite culinary discovery of 2012. Apparently, vegans have been using this easy fresh-cream alternative for years – I …

quiche ingredients 2

Breakfast to go

Recently, I’ve been needing a breakfast that’s really quick to gobble down and easy to transport – a grab-and-go kind of thing, …

red & green salad 3

A festive red and green salad

Season’s greetings, everyone! I thought I’d share a quick salad recipe for any folk out there looking for some last-minute (and healthy) …