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Adeeba Adams

Cosmic Girl by thisthenthat

Cosmic Dreams & Childlike Wonder

A short while ago, I started experimenting with double exposures; this is where you layer two photos and create a semi-translucent effect …

Random Acts of Fineness by thisthenthat

Random Acts of Fineness

Welcome back to Cape Town, Spring – we’ve missed you! Happy Spring to all my local playmates!   Ps. Yellow Bougainvillea is …

Double Exposure photograph (featuring yellow bougainvillea) by Adeeba Adams

Spring in Winter

  Remember that when you touch my petals, you will also feel my thorns. Words and photography by ThisThenThat.

wild cub

Thunder in Summer

I’ve played this track, Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub, every day for a few weeks now. Needless to say, it’s the first …


We are One Tribe

  The first casualty of war is innocence – Platoon (1986) I pray for Palestine. I pray for peace for all mankind. …

Love Is The Bridge Between You & Everything - art print by thisthenthat

Love Is The Bridge

Hurrow, everyone… it has been a while since I posted any blog updates, my dear digital friends…but I’m baaack! While so many …

Pink Litchi & Sesame Ice Lollies

Pink Litchi & Sesame Suckers

25 faithful years. That’s how long I’ve been nurturing my little love affair with litchis. Or Lychees, as some people say. Potato, …

Fresh Cherry Sorbet Popsicles

Fresh Cherry Suckers

  If you grew up in Cape Town and lived near a corner shop, then you must’ve seen or eaten a Jelly …